Email account setup in Thunderbird mail client

To configure the Mozilla Thunderbird mail client correctly, you must add your mail account to it.

Adding an email account in Mozilla Thunderbird

  1. After starting the application, in the section Set up an account, select "E-mail". Complete the following fields.
    Thunderbird - step 1
    • Your name - displayed name of the account in the client,
    • Email address - the email address you want to add,
    • Password - for a given email account,
  2. Next click on "Manual config". You will see further fields to fill in.
    Thunderbird - step 2
  3. Click "Done" button.

During configuration of mail client, certificate error message appears to me - what to do?

If a certificate error appears while adding an email account, please confirm it. The certificate error may occur at the moment when the certificate:

  • It does not cover a given domain (e.g. if the domain has a commercial certificate that does not cover the incoming and outgoing mail server name),
  • Let's Encrypt certificate has yet been generated.

If the following window appear, please click "Confirm Security Exception"

Thunderbird -  SSL error

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via the Client Area.

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