Panel to manage VPS servers

Today we are releasing a new panel for managing VPS servers. It can be found in Services > My Services, after selecting a VPS server and clicking on its name, e.g. rTC-31 NVME SSD. Integrated VPS server management allows you to reboot the machine, rebuild it from a new image, turn it on and off, or access the console through a web ... Read More »

29th Mar 2021
Changes in hosting offer

Changes in PHP version Support for PHP 8.0 has been added to the servers. The newest PHP is 5% to 10% faster than 7.4. There are also new features related to programming in this version of PHP. Support has been added for:¬†Union Types 2.0, WeakMaps, Attributes v2, Match Expression, Static Return and Mixed Types, Named arguments and many new ... Read More »

1st Mar 2021
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