SSL Certificates 5

Section dedicated to SSL certificates and their generation

Cloudflare 4

Tematy związane obsługą i działaniem Cloudflare

Domains 7

Transfer of domains, blockades, assignments.

E-mail 22

Creating email accounts, aliases, SPAM, e-mail related topics

FAQ 12

Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting 33

Servers, hosting packages, server problems, migrations, PHP and MySQL settings.

Customer panel 7

Topics related to the Customer Panel service

Dedicated server/VPS 4

Subjects related to servers, adding SSH keys or generating SSH keys

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 How to obtain a .eu transfer code directly from EURiD?

If you want to transfer Your .eu domain to us, you need to obtain the AuthInfo code. In case of European .eu domains, it is issued at the request of the domain owner after logging into his EURid account. How do I get the AuthInfo code...

 How to login to webmail?

There are two ways to log in to the email client in your browser - Webmail, which will be shown below. Direct login to Webmail If you have a domain directed to our DNS, or if you have directed the relevant records to our hosting...

 Changing your e-mail password via Webmail

Webmail gives you the possibility to change your password. Regular password changes increase the security of your account and other services you use. How do I change my password in Webmail? 1. Login to the webmail 2. Click on the...

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To install WordPress, you need to upload its files to the hosting and then install it from the browser. In this article you will learn exactly how to install WordPress. This guide updates and extends the instructions from the official...

 What DNS server addresses do we have?

At Thecamels we have two DNS servers that work in a cluster to ensure continuous service in case one of them fails. List of DNS servers Domains purchased from Thecamels have our DNS servers...