How often do we make backups?

We provide automatic back-up service. They are performed on services such as Hosting Based on SSD NVMe and XXL Hosting. Thanks to this you do not have to deal with this type of activities yourself. You are also sure that if you need to restore files, databases or mail, we can do it up to 30 days back.

How often do we make backups?

Our backups are made daily at night. They are copied:

  • all files on the hosting site,
  • e-mail (all mailboxes created on your hosting account),
  • databases hosted

It should be remembered here that data archiving is done at a certain time during the day - usually at night.

Example: An e-mail message appeared on your mailbox at 13:00. The message was deleted from the server at 17:35. The nearest backup will be made that night. For this reason it will not be possible to restore this particular message.

Backups are maintained by us up to 30 days back.

Why can't you restore backups yourself?

Our system does not allow to restore backups on your own for purely practical reasons. All files are fully encrypted and maintained in several external, independent locations. For this reason the server and the client do not have access there. This ensures high data security.

How can I restore a backup?

If there is a need to restore the files of the site, database or email, you should make a request in the Client Area in the Hosting section. The technical team will carry out verification and help with the whole process. The time to restore the backups can vary from 15 minutes to even several hours, depending on the number of files and their size. During the whole process you should not perform any activities on the hosting and mail. Some services may also be unavailable for this reason.

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