MySQL Database Management on Hosting

Tworzenie bazy danych zostało pokazane w poradniku How to create a database using MySQL Database Wizard? This method is recommended due to its complexity. Here we will show you how to manage databases and users of databases that already exist.

Note: After changing names or passwords, you should update this data in the CMS, otherwise your website will stop working!

Where do you manage the databases? 

  1. Log in to Your cPanel account.
  2. Under Databases, click "MySQL Databases". From here you will be able to perform the operations described below.

MySQL Database Management - 1

Create New Database

In this section we can create a new database.

MySQL Database Management - 2

  • New database - provide new database name,
  • Press "Create Database", to add database.

Modify Databases

Here you have two options:

MySQL Database Management - 3

  • Check database - select the database you wish to check and press "Check database".,
  • Repair database - if the table in the database has been marked as corrupted (for example, by checking above), then select the database from the list and press "Repair database".

Current Databases

Here we have a table that shows all the databases, from here you can do the following things:

MySQL Database Management - 4

  • Privileged Users - pressing "user name" moves to the page with the selection of this user's privileges for the database, pressing "trash icon" withdraws user privileges for this database,
  • Actions - click "Rename" to change database name, "Delete" will remove database (user stays).

Add New User

Here you can create a user:

MySQL Database Management - 5

  • Username - provide username,
  • Password - the longer, the better!
  • Password (Again) - type same password as in field above.

Add User to Database

When you have a database and a user, this is where you can give the user privileges to the database.

MySQL Database Management - 6

  • User - choose user from list,
  • Database - select the database for which you want to grant the user privileges from the list,
  • After click "Add" you will be redirected to the privilege selection screen.

Current Users

In this table you can see the previously added users you can manage.

MySQL Database Management - 7

  • Change password - changing the password for the database user,
  • Rename - database user name change,
  • Delete - deleting the user (the assigned base stays).
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