Why I can not see my site?

There are two main reasons why the information page is still displayed after uploading our page. This happens if we don't remove the default content file from the domain directory, or if we don't upload the page files in the right place.

How can I launch the site?

  1. The files have been uploaded to the wrong directory.
    Please make sure that the files have been uploaded to the correct domain main directory.
  2. The index.html file was not removed from the public_html directory
    Please make sure that the index.html file has the correct content, or if the index.php file is present, remove the index.html file

After doing above points, the page still does not work

If that's the case please check if:

  • perform the so-called hard refresh in your web browser (in the case of Windows use shortcut Ctrl+Shift+R. For MacOS it is Cmd+Shift+R),
  • enter private mode in browser, and check if correct content is displayed,
  • use a different browser, or another device/computer, from which we have not previously visited the site or the correct content is displayed.

If any of the above shows the correct page, please clear browser cache of the and go back to the domain, where the default page was displayed before. You may have to repeat this action several times before the browser "forgets" the old content.

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