How to login to webmail?

There are two ways to log in to the email client in your browser - Webmail, which will be shown below.

Direct login to Webmail

If you have a domain directed to our DNS, or if you have directed the relevant records to our hosting server, then you have entered the address according to the formula: For example, A login page with fields to fill in will appear.

Direct login to Webmail

  • Username - is in the welcome email after you have created your hosting account,
  • Password can also be found in the email described above, but we recommend changing it,
  • press "Login" and we are in our hosting panel.

Login to Webmail via Client Area

1. Log in to the Client Area,

2. In Your Active Services section we select hosting.

Login to Webmail via Client Area - step 2

3. A screen with service details will be displayed. In the window in the middle of the page, press the "Login to Webmail" button.

Login to Webmail via Client Area - step 3

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