What is disk quota on hosting?

What is quota and disk quota?

At the very beginning, it is useful to familiarize yourself with the general concept of quota. In our case, we will be more specific about disk quota.

Disk quota is the functionality of file systems on various servers. It allows you to limit the disk space that a user can use. This is important enough on large servers with masses of users that they cannot completely clog the disks.

How does it relate to hosting?

In the case of hosting, the first exposure of a quota user is the sheer limitation of hosting capacity. This situation can be explained in a simple way. Hostings are on shared servers and everyone would like to use this server. Unfortunately, to some extent, it is necessary to limit the capacity of each service so that there are no unequal distributions on such machines.

With the limitations mentioned, it can also be noted that hosting users receive a notification as they get closer to using up their allotted space. In our company, a notification appears after exceeding 90% of the allocated resources. In such a case, a decision involving deletion of unnecessary data and other options such as increasing the hosting package is needed. If the right answer is not given in such a case the hosting services will not work and therefore it is necessary to react to such an issue right away.

And how does this apply to VPS or dedicated servers?

In the case of VPS servers and dedicated servers, we have a completely different scenario than in the case of hosting. In this regard, there are no more limitations than the space of the server disk itself and the operations of the people managing it. Everything can be adjusted to the capacity and actions of people and institutions using it.

The VPS and dedicated server are already a matter for companies with greater capability and desire to operate on separate equipment. This is when they have more room for maneuver related to limiting the area for various services. As a result, then you can decide on an ongoing basis who or why to increase the access area. In contrast to hosting, there are no quantity or volume restrictions on mailboxes. You can then decide that one email address will occupy, for example, half of the space allocated on the hosting.

How to increase or decrease disk quota on hosting?

We recommend you check out our guide: How to change hosting package?

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