Adding subdomain on hosting account

Sometimes it happens that we want to add a subdomain for our site. For example: for the domain This is like many other activities we do through the hosting panel - cPanel.

How to add a subdomain on a hosting site?

1. Log in to Your cPanel account.

2. In the Domains section, choose the "Subdomains" option.

Adding subdomain - step 1

3. In the form Create a Subdomain we fill in the next fields:

Adding subdomain - step 2

  • Subdomain - give the name of our subdomain,
  • Domain - choose for which side you want to add a subdomain,
    NOTE: this may not be displayed if only 1 domain is assigned to hosting
  • Document root - creates a directory on the hosting, where the subdomain files will be held (its name is created automatically)
  • Click the Create button to finish.

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