How to set up a mail autoresponder?

Sometimes it is necessary to create mail autoresponder, which will respond to incoming emails - e.g. when we are on holiday. Then every person who writes to an email with active autoresponder, will receive an automatic response.

Adding a mail autoresponder

1. Log in to Your cPanel account.

2 In the Email section, click on "Autoresponders".

Adding a mail autoresponder - step 1

3. Click on "Add Autoresponder".

Adding a mail autoresponder - step 2

4. On the new page fill form:

Adding a mail autoresponder - step 3

  • Character Set - leave it on UTF-8,
  • Interval - set how often the automatic answer is to be sent (we recommend 8),
  • Email - name of the account for which the autoresponder is created,
  • Domain - select domain of mail account, for which we create autoresponder,
  • From - name of the sender of the automatic message (this may be the email address of the account for which we are providing autoresponder),
  • Subject - subject of automatic response,
  • "This message contains HTML code" - check if the autoresponder message will contain HTML code,
  • Body - enter the content of the autoresponder message,
  • Start - select from when the machine should work,
  • Stop - choose until when the machine is to operate.

5. Click "Create" to add autoresponder.

When creating the content of the autoresponder, we can use the following tags to personalize the content that is being send back:

  • %subject% - Subject of the message that was sent to the autoresponder,
  • %from% - The name of the sender of the message received by the autoresponder, if available,
  • %email% - The incoming email sender’s address..

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