How to use WinMTR under Windows

Sometimes, for unknown reasons, the connection to our server breaks off. If you need to quickly diagnose where the problem lies, just use WinMTR. This is a special program with traceroute and ping functions.

WinMTR tries routers along the entire route of the packet, reducing jumps to a minimum. Then it listens to the answers. The application will repeat this process regularly, usually once a second, showing the response time.

How to use WinMTR?

1. WinMTR can be downloaded from this page.

2. Unzip the package to the local directory and run WinMTR.

3. In the Host field enter the domain name or IP you want to check and click Start.

How to use WinMTR?

4. After about 5min click Stop and check result.

If we requested such test, please export it to a txt or html file, and send it back to us in in reply to ticket in Client Area.

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