How to enable GZIP compression on hosting?

Website is a set of data that a browser must download from an external server to which it sends a request for download. Thanks to gzip compression enabled, the amount of downloaded data is smaller than in reality, which has a real impact on the loading time of the website.

Enabling gzip compression on hosting

1. Log in to Your cPanel account.

2. In the Software section, click on "Optimize website".

Gzip compression - step 1

3. On new page, select one of three options:
NOTE: this is a global option and applies to all domains assigned to your hosting account.

Gzip compression - step 2

  • Disabled - choose to disable gzip compression,
  • Compress all content - choose this option to enable gzip compression -it is recommended by us,
  • Compress the specified MIME types - this option allows you to choose what type of content you want to compress - for advanced users to use,
  • click "Update settings" to approve changes.

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