How to edit host file in system

Hosts file role, is to translate friendly domain names into their numerical equivalents, i.e. IP addresses. Host file is a text file containing an IP address on each line followed by, one or more domain names, which can be separated by spaces or tabs. Lines beginning with # are comments (and are therefore ignored).

Where can I find host file?

Depending on what OS You may be using, host file location is differ. Below You will find default paths to it:

  • Windows - the default path to host file is: %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
    There is also a graphical tool for editing this file called: Hosts File Editor,
  • Linux distributions - the default path to host file is: /etc/hosts,
  • MacOS - the default path to host file is: /private/etc/hosts.

Important! Remember to edit the hosts file with administrator/root privileges.

Here is how an example entry in a hosts file looks like:

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