Why do I get 500 - Internal Server Error?

When you upload  website to the server and then open it, error "500 - Internal Server Error" can occur, from many reasons, but rarely cause of server side issues.
It also may be shown for pages, that have already worked correctly - but were automatically updated for example.

Most common reasons for occurrence of 500 error

  • Wrong access rights to:

    • public_html directory on the server. Your website's root directory must have the following privileges 750 (chmod),
    • files inside public_html. All files inside the public_html directory should have permissions of 644 (chmod),
    • directories inside public_html. All directories inside the public_html directory should be set to a maximum of 755 (chmod),

      NOTE: if you use Addon Domain, then publc_html may not be the website's root directory.

  • syntax error or not recognized option in  .htaccess file. In this case, make a copy of the file under the name, e.g. .htaccess_bak, edit the .htaccess file and temporarily comment individual entries. You can also temporarily delete the file and check if the page is working,
  • there is no space in your hosting account. Log in from the cPanel administration panel and check the amount of available space,
  • wrong PHP version (some methods, or native function may not be supported) to be used. Got cPanel and change PHP version to differ one, and check if site is working.
  • 500, błąd 500, error 500, internal server error
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