How to set a signature in Roundcube emails?

The Roundcube interface is one of two available interfaces we offer on the hosting for webmail. By sending mails through it, you can define a signature, that will be always inserted into them.

Setting the signature in the Roundcube interface

1. Login to the webmail and select the Roundcube interface.

2. Click "Settings".

Seting signature in Roundcube - step 1

3. On the new page we go through Identity-> MAIL_ADDRESS to see the "Signature" section.

Seting signature in Roundcube - step 2

  • Signature - a text field where you type the text and/or HTML of your email signature,
  • HTML signature - check this option only if you use HTML tags in the content of the signature.

4. click "Save" to save the changes

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