How to obtain eu domain transfer code directly from EURid?

If you want to transfer Your .eu domain to us, you need to obtain the AuthInfo code. In case of European .eu domains, it is issued at the request of the domain owner after logging into his EURid account.

How do I get the AuthInfo code in EURid?

  1. Go to EURid and fill in the visible form:
    EURid authinfo - step 1
    • Domain name - domain name with the .eu,
    • Email address - domain related email address (anchor down),
    • Press "Send link".
  2. A link to log in to your EURid account will be sent to our e-mail address. Click this link and you will be redirected to the EURid panel.
  3. Click "Generate new authorization code". The Actual authorization code for the domain field will display AuthInfo code. This code pass to the registrar to which we want to transfer our .eu domain.
    EURid authinfo - step 2

    The AuthInfo code is an authorization code that allows you to transfer your domain. Without it transfer of your domain will not be possible.

More on this subject AuthInfo domains and codes can be found out from Compendium what you should know about the Internet domain.

How to check the email address assigned to the .eu domain?

The email address that is assigned to the domain can be checked in WHOIS Domain Database. In the search engine enter our domain and click "Search". The email address can be found in the Subscriber and contacts.

EURid authinfo - step 3

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