Why cant I log in to the hosting or email?

The most common cause is providing multiple times wrong credentials on log in. The IP address from which the login attempt was made is then blocked. There may be many reasons for such blocking, the most popular ones will be presented below.

Incorrect login attempts to email from a mail client

When you change your email account password, you will still try to log in with your old password in the email client on your computer/phone. After several wrong login attempts, the IP address will be blocked.

Incorrect login attempts to FTP account

Here too, your IP will be blocked after a few wrong login attempts. Please note that most FTP clients automatically reconnect if they fail to connect the first time.

Incorrect login attempts to cPanel or Webmail

Your IP can also be blocked, if you log in incorrectly to cPanel or when logging in to mail from the Webmail

The lock is gone, I still can't log in, what should I do?

In this case, you should create a request in the Client Area and enter Your IP public address in it, which can be checked on our status page. We would like to remind you that, a well asked question, allow us to solve a problem faster!

On the status page we also show the state of our hosting servers and inform about possible planned work.

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