Domain renewed from quarantine and propagation

Each domain is registered for a specific period of time and has its own life cycle - from registration to expiry. If it is not paid for in due time, it goes into BLOCKED status. During this time the subscriber can still recover it, i.e. buy it from the quarantine for an additional fee.

What domains are quarantined?

Not every domain has a quarantine. This is the case:

  • Polish domains - this is a 30-day period,
  • global domains - it's up to 70 days,
  • .eu domains - this is a period of 40 days.

For the remaining domains, it is worthwhile to read the regulations of each registry.

Renewal of a quarantine domain and its propagation

If we buy a domain, it will be renewed and return to the pool of active domains. However, it will not be immediately visible in the network. During this time the so calleddomain propagation or otherwise DNS propagation must take place. It is a dissemination of information in the Internet that a given domain has a new IP address or is supported by given DNS servers. Such information must spread in the network so that each DNS server knows the correct answer. This time is usually up to 24 hours, although it can sometimes take up to 48 hours.

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