How does the affiliate program work?

At Thecamels there is a possibility to recommend our services, for which we will return the benefit of cash. We have prepared our partnership program for both companies and individuals. Participation is completely free of charge.

How to start?

To earn money on our services, all you have to do is create an account and log in to the customer panel. Then go to the Affiliate tab, where there is a unique referral link. This should be given to all those who would like to buy new services from Thecamels.

How to make money?

For each service purchased and paid by the Customer, which the Customer purchased using the Partner's referral link, the remuneration is transferred in the form of commission for the service. It is also charged from each renewed service for the next subscription period.

The list of services subject to the Affiliate Program as well as the amount of commission can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

How to use the acquired funds?

The commission fee is paid to the Partner to a moneybox or bank account. A detailed description of how to make such a transfer to your own account is included in our Terms and Conditions.

The collected funds can also be used to pay for services purchased from us. To be able to use them, it is necessary to transfer them to the moneybox. For this purpose, you should make a request in the customer panel in the Payments and Sales section, with information about the willingness to use the accumulated funds in the affiliate program to pay for your services.

Once the money is in the moneybox, you have to pass this generated order. Just above the order you will see a sign: Enter the amount you want to pay from the moneybox. If there are enough funds in your account, you will be able to pay the whole order. Otherwise, a part of the order will be paid for, and the rest of the money will have to be paid in the traditional way.

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