How to order hosting in 14 free trial?

Free trial hosting will allow you to test our services within 14 days. Test account will give you 5GB of storage space and a maximum of 10GB of outgoing transfer from the hosting. You will also be able to create 2 email accounts and add 1 additional domain or domain alias.

How to order free trial hosting?

  1. Choose a test hosting.
  2. Enter the domain name you want to use.
  3. If you are not logged in or do not have an account: log in, or enter your account registration details.
  4. Confirm the appropriate permissions.
  5. Click "Complete order".

After this, the system will issue an order for 0 PLN, and after verification of the correctness of the data by the technical service, the test hosting will run for 14 days. 

NOTE: Remember to verify your e-mail address and complete your profile data. Otherwise, activation of test hosting will wait for theirs completion.

I want to upgrade to normal package, how can I do that?

If we want to switch to a normal hosting package, we need to upgrade it. The whole procedure of changing the hosting package has been described in the How to change hosting package?

NOTE: Activation of upgrade order, to change the hosting package, must be done before the expiration date of test account.

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