Bandwidth limit on hosting

The transfer limit is the amount of data that your clients/users will download from the hosting when they browse the site, watch products or read articles. This value also includes email and FTP traffic. At the beginning of each month the limit is automatically set to zero. On our hosting Unique Users (UUs) are not limited in any way.

Where do I find out how much transfer I have left?

  1. Log in to Your cPanel account.
  2. On the right you will see a section Statistics and there's a bookmark Bandwidth. Here you can see how much transfer has been left on the hosting site by the end of the month.
    After click in "Bandwidth" you get access to graphs and accurate statistics on the distribution of transfer between pages, mail and FTP traffic.


I'm out of transfer. What next?

No transfer will not surprise you, as you will be informed by e-mail when the transfer is full. The e-mail will also contain a forecast based on the current usage of the transfer, so you can plan your actions on the website.

However, if the transfer is settled, your website will be automatically blocked. However, do not worry, in such a situation report to us via the Client Area, we will definitely come up with a solution. ;)

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