Add-ons and extensions

Extend your services with additional options like phone and priority support. You can also secure your .pl domain with .pl Registry Lock. You can also set up an option on your domain to be the first to buy it if your current registrant fails to pay.

.pl Registry Lock

Service .pl Registry Lock provides additional protection of the .pl domain against theft. It consists in blocking the possibility to modify many settings of the domain, which ensures its greater security.

Extended support

The service includes extended support for hosting, domain and SSL certificates if you do not want to set them up yourself through cPanel. Additionally, we can scan your files with commercial Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus software.

Option of the .pl domain

The Domain option allows you to reserve a priority to buy a domain that is currently registered. When the domain releases then the address is automatically reserved for the holder of a valid Domain Option. This option is valid for 3 years. The price does not include registration costs.