How can I change the mail notifications sent from Client Area?

Client Area has an option to notify the customer about various events such as: informing about the launch of new services/domains, expiration dates of services or upcoming payment dates for services. You can configure which notifications will be sent to your mailbox, by following below instructions.

How can I customize email notification?

1. Log in to the Client Area.

2. Click on "Account" in the side menu to expand item, and then click "My Details".

Client Area notification - step 1

3. On new page, scroll down to the "Email Preferences" section.

4. Select types of notifications you want to receive (all checked by default):

Client Area notification - step 2

  • General Emails - notifications not classified into other categories (e.g. planned maintenances, new services),
  • Invoice Emails - notifications related to orders (order creation, status change, cancellation, etc.),
  • Support Emails - notifications related to communication with support department (new ticket, ticket response, etc.),
  • Product Emails - notifications related to services (e.g. start of service, suspension with reason, cancellation, etc.),
  • Domain Emails - notifications related to the domains (domain registration, progress of the domain transfer, upcoming expiration of the domain, etc.),
  • Affiliate Emails - affiliate program notifications (e.g. monthly report).

5. To save the changes click on "Save changes".

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