Tips for companies - ways to manage customers services

If you are a company that serves its customers and their services, we present below solutions for account and service management for You. We have identified three most common ways to manage your customers' services with us.

Approach I - Multiple customers services from one account

In Client Area create your account, for which you receive invoices from us. Within this account you will be buying hosting packages, domains, SSL certificates, Google Suite, VPS servers and dedicated ones for Yourself and Yours customers. If you buy domains and SSL certificates, you can let us know in advance to which data you want those to be registered/generated. They do not necessarily have to be compatible with your profile in Client Area. If you do not provide us with such information beforehand, they will be purchased for the data visible in your profile.

That way you can pass yours clients with login data for specific services, such as cPanel, server access data, without providing them access to the Client Area. This way you have full access to all services and payments. Your client has access only to his services. The disadvantage of such a solution is that your company or you are the first line of support in solving problems that arise from client perspective.

Approach II - Account with customer data and your email address

If you are hosting one of your customers as part of your business, but you want him to pay for services directly with us, then below you will find some practical tips on how to manage your accounts correctly.

Account in Client Area is set up with client's details, but as mail address use your own e-mail. Within this account you will be buying hosting packages, domains, SSL certificates, Google Suite VPS servers and dedicated ones.

You can pass customer all credentials (hosting account access, Client Area). In this way you and your client have full access to all services and payments. The downside of this solution is that the client will not receive any kind of notifications from Client Area, unless he is added ad additional contact in Client Area

Approach III - Account with customer data and his email address

An account in the Client Area is created with your customer data, including his e-mail address. You add yourself as an additional contact with your unique e-mail address (cannot exist in our system beforehand).

Here you should remember to mark the appropriate rights to manage clients account and to receive system notifications. You can order services and make notifications to technical support yourself. Notifications will come to both e-mail addresses (if you have selected this option for additional contact).

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