How do I log in to server with FileZilla?

Not everyone needs/can use the SSH connection and there is nothing wrong with it. But how to manage files on a dedicated server/VPS? Filezilla's SFTP-enabled program comes in handy. The program allows you to log in to the server using the data you get from us after server configuration.

Logging to server with FileZilla

  1. Download FileZilla from the official project website and install it.
  2. Run FileZilla.
  3. Click on the "servers icon" and fill in the highlighted fields.
    How do I log in to server with FileZilla - step 1
    • New site - click on it to setup connection,
    • Protocol - select SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol from the list,
    • Host - we provide the server name,
    • Port - enter 7324,
    • Logon type - select Key File from the list,
    • Name - user account name,
    • Key file - we give the path to your private key, because on servers we use SSH key authorization instead of passwords (if you don't have your key yet see how to generate it). If your key is not in the PPK standard, FileZilla will ask for permission to convert the key to this standard. Then you choose where you want the new key to be saved. 
    • Click "Connect".
  4. The key window will appear. Check in it "Always trust this host, add this key to the cache", then click "OK".
    How do I log in to server with FileZilla - step 2
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