Email account setup in Outlook mail client

To set up your email in Microsoft Outlook, you must correctly add an email account by following these steps.

How do I add an email account to an Outlook email client?

1. After starting the application, go to the "Tools" ribbon. The "Accounts" button will appear, which we click. In the new window, if there are no other mailboxes, there will be a button "Add e-mail account". If we already have accounts, there is a plus icon in the bottom left corner. After clicking, it will expand the menu. There you can choose "New account" option.

Microsoft Outlook - step 1

2. In next window, enter the e-mail address that we want to add to Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook - step 2

3. Outlook should select the IMAP/POP configuration. If it does not do so, the following window should appear after a while with the selection of suppliers. Press "IMAP/POP". It happens that the program will choose a different configuration, then in the upper corner of the window press "Do not use (name of the service)?" and move us to the  below window.

Microsoft Outlook - step 3

4. The last step is to provide correct data in the fields described below.

Microsoft Outlook - step 4

  • Type - leave IMAP here,
  • E-mail address - the address we want to add,
  • User name - will be displayed in the account list,
  • Password - for a given email account,
  • Outgoing and incoming mail server - we enter the appropriate address of the mail servers,
  • Click "Add account".


During configuration of mail client, certificate error message appears to me - what to do?

If a certificate error appears while adding an email account, please confirm it. The certificate error may occur at the moment when the certificate:

  • It does not cover a given domain (e.g. if the domain has a commercial certificate that does not cover the incoming and outgoing mail server name),
  • Let's Encrypt certificate has yet been generated.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via the Client Area.

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