Why my hosting account has been blocked?

An account may be suspended for several reasons, which are listed below: 

No payment for services on time

Remember about punctual payments, we recommend paying immediately, or setting up reminders in the calendar. It may happen that the transfer does not manage to be credited before the due date and the service is automatically blocked. If you know that the payment will not be made on time or you have reminded yourself of payment on the last day is not the end of the world, just contact us via the Client Area.

Sending spam from hosting

If a large number of unwanted messages (SPAM) are sent from your hosting, it will be blocked. This can also be done through an email account that has a weak password and has been accessed by third parties, or through an unwanted code that may have been uploaded to the site. In such a situation you will be informed by us what was the reason for the blockade and what steps should be taken as soon as the mail/page/hosting is unlocked.

Malware on hosting

In case of detection of malware (malware, phishing content) we block the website or the whole hosting depending on the scale of the problem. Additionally, if we receive a report from third parties and after positive verification of data indicating a violation of their goods, the hosting will be fully blocked. Regardless of the reason for the blockade, you will receive from us information about its cause, measures to be taken until/after the blockade, and recommendations for the future to avoid such situations.

Hosting is causing too much load on server

It may happen that your website is heavily loaded on the server. In this case, your website is blocked and we send you a message about the problem. We also try to help solve the problem by identifying the elements that cause the load.

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