How does the domain transfer work?

Domain transfer is an operation that allows you to change the operator of your domain. To do this, it is required to have a AuthInfo code. This code can be obtained from the current domain registrar through a technical request or by filling in the form. In addition to the transfer, it is necessary to have an email address that has been assigned to our domain.

If we do not have access to the e-mail, it may not be possible to transfer the domain. Additionally, we lose control over our domain.

How the domain transfer process works?

  1. You need to obtain the AuthInfo code from your current operator.
  2. Make an order for domain transfer or give us the code.
  3. If the domain transfer is not free of charge, it must be paid for.
  4. After verification of the domain and data of the new subscriber the transfer will start.
  5. After the transfer is confirmed by the subscriber or the old registrar, the recorder is changed to a new one.

Transfer of Polish domains

More information can be found in the article: Compendium: What should you know about the Internet domain?

Transfer of foreign domains

Foreign domains include such extensions: com, info, org, biz, net. To be able to perform the transfer you need to obtain the AuthInfo code. The transfer of foreign domains is payable and extends their validity by one year. Domain transfer time can take up to 7 days. Before the transfer it is necessary to unlock the domain, which is done at the current registrar.

Transfer of European domains

The European domains include those with the .eu end. They are managed by EURid. In order to be able to make a transfer you need to obtain the AuthInfo code. Transfer of European domains is payable and extends their validity by one year. It takes up to 30 minutes from the start.

Transfer of national domains

In most cases, the transfer of national domains is similar to that of Polish or foreign domains. First we have to get the AuthInfo code or other special code. Some of the transfers are paid for, some are free of charge, and for some of them you have to meet the relevant requirements. Examples of domains: es , uk,, fr, nl. More information about national domains can be found on our website.

Transfer of gTLD domains

The gTLD domains for transfer require the AuthInfo code to be obtained from the current recorder. The transfer of these domains may be paid for and may extend their validity by one year. Similarly to foreign domains, the transfer time may be up to 7 days.

More information about gTLD domains can be found on our website in the individual regulations.

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