Creating an FTP account with cPanel

You can add new FTP accounts from the cPanel hosting panel. Below is a description of how you can create a new FTP account on your hosting account. In the cPanel there is a so-called master FTP account available by default. The login details for this account are the same as for the cPanel.

Creating an FTP account in the cPanel

  1. Log in to Your cPanel account.
  2. In the Files section, go to "FTP Accounts".
    reating an FTP account - step 1
  3. On the next page you can see the new FTP account wizard. The fields to complete are described below.
    reating an FTP account - step 2
    • Log in - we provide the name of the account (any),
    • Domain (occurs only if there are additional domains on the account) - choose for which domain the FTP account will be available,
    • Password - the longer the better!,
    • Password (again) - we give the same password,
    • Directory - choose which folder the FTP account will have access to,
    • Quota - you can limit the disk space for a given account (Unlimited by default),
  4. click on "Create FTP account".

If you want to use your newly created FTP client account, please use one of our tutorials:

Managing an FTP account in the cPanel

  1. Log in to Your cPanel account.
  2. In  Files section we enter "FTP Accounts".
    FTP account management - step1
  3. Scroll down to the FTP Account section. From here we can perform several operations, such as:
    FTP account management - step 2
    • Change password - after clicking, you must enter the new password twice (or you can use the Password Generator button). After setting the passwords, click "Change password",
    • Change limit - after clicking you can set a limit or disable it (no limits). To confirm the allocation, click on the "Change amount" button.
    • Delete - before pressing this button you should think twice. After making sure to press delete.
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