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How do I enable Let's Encrypt certification?

You don't need to turn it on. The certificate is issued automatically if the domain is correctly directed to our servers. More information can be found in the following articles:

What is the fee after a year for hosting?

The fee is an annual fee, which means that it is the same every year. Not twice as expensive, not three times as expensive, only exactly as much as there is on the website with the hosting. The fact that other hosting companies are hiding their prices for years to come does not mean that we do so.

My website does not load! What to do?

Read the articles that will help solve your problem:

What is cPanel and how to log in?

The hosting account is managed through an administration panel called cPanel. From the Customer Panel, go to the Services section, select a server and then click the Login to cPanel button. Access to the panel is also possible directly using the login and password that was sent after setting up the hosting account.

Is SSH available for hosting?

On shared servers, such as hosting, we do not share the Bash shell for security reasons. If there is a need to execute commands - please report it through Technical Support and we will do it for you.

Can I connect to MySQL / MariaDB database remotely?

No, because such connections are unencrypted and for security reasons we do not allow them. We can prepare such a database with an encrypted connection or tunnel on VPS or dedicated servers.

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